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Top 5 Wedding Themes And How To Achieve Them

Some couples will have a clear vision of what their wedding day will look like down to the very last detail, from the style of the dress to the floral, table centrepieces. Others may need a little helping hand and one of the easiest way to pull all the elements and moving parts together in a cohesive manner is to opt for a wedding theme.

We have listed 5 of the most popular wedding themes and share with you ideas on how to achieve them.

1. Vintage

A firm favourite for the old at heart, the vintage theme lends itself to whatever era the couple is inspired by. For a 1920’s theme, think lace fabric for the dress, perhaps in an off – white hue and accessories such as strands of pearls, intricate brooches, and pretty hair combs. The colour scheme should be soft and muted: ivory, grey, rose, mauve and gold. For flowers, stick with traditional, non exotic stems such as roses, peonies and carnations. In terms of venue, a church might be the obvious choice but a winery could also easily provide that ‘historical’ feel.

2. Rustic

A rustic theme is all about embracing nature so think wood, twine, hessian and any reclaimed materials. And just as nature intended, nothing is uniform so imperfection is your friend. Candles and tea lights in a variety of shapes and sizes will compliment twinkling fairy lights. Keep the colour scheme neutral with lots of green thrown in for good measure. Bouquets and flower arrangements should be intertwined with plenty of foliage and perhaps succulents, eucalyptus and dried items such as twigs and pinecones. A garden or barn would work well as a setting for a rustic themed day.

3. Glamour

For future brides who have always dreamed of having a princess wedding, you might prefer a theme that is full of glitz and red- carpet glamour. Diamonds indeed are a girl’s best friend so a sparkly dress accompanied with diamante (or diamond) and jewelled accessories, and a crown tiara are a must. For decor, think crystals, mirrors (and mirrored surfaces), sequins, chandeliers, ornate candle holders and draped fabric, and for colour, think plenty of white with silver or gold and an accent hue. Combine traditional roses with hydrangeas, calla lilies and orchids, and in terms of venue, think lavish ballroom.

4. Classical

For the traditionalists, only a classic, timeless wedding theme will do, held in a church or alternative place of worship. The look and feel of a classic wedding is formal yet romantic, ornate yet delicate. Colours are kept soft so think white accompanied with pastel shades such as pink, lavender, peach and blue. Floral centrepieces are a must for a traditional wedding and for flowers, include blooms like roses, sweet peas, peonies and ranunculus whilst the bride’s bouquet should be finished off with a satin ribbon tied in a bow.

5. Beach

A beach wedding is another popular theme, or rather destination, for couples who want a relaxed, ‘holiday’ feel to their special day paired with a mesmerising ocean backdrop. Wedding attire is conversely casual with the bride often opting for a simple, looser fit style when it comes to the dress. A flower crown is optional for that boho-beach vibe. Grooms can literally roll up their sleeves and trouser hem and rather than traditional black, shades like stone, beige and creams are preferred as they tie in nicely with the beach setting. Collect washed up shells and coral, and team them with driftwood and rope for decor. When it comes to flowers, go all white or all bright and partner with tropical palm leaves.

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