Frequently Asked Questions


Firstly, congratulations on your engagement! Wedding Insurance really should be an essential part of your planning.  A small price to pay for complete peace of mind, on what is likely the second most expensive day off your life.

Here’s a list of the top 10 questions we get asked about wedding insurance.


1. What Is Wedding Insurance?

Wedding insurance is a type of insurance policy that provides financial protection for any potential losses on your wedding day. This would include pre-paid deposits and additional costs should something go wrong in the lead-up to, and on your wedding day. 

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2. Do You Need Wedding Insurance?

Well you don’t need to have wedding insurance to get married, but it could provide you with significant protection should something unexpected go wrong. 

Your wedding day has a lot of moving parts with a huge reliance on external suppliers. We all hope that everything will go smoothly but sometimes it just doesn’t and something lets you down.

Take a look at our “What’s Covered?” page for full details on what you are protected for.

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3. What Does Your Wedding Insurance Cover?

The coverage of a wedding insurance policy depends on the provider and the level of cover selected. But a basic wedding insurance policy should cover:

  • Cancellation
  • Postponement
  • Rescheduling of wedding
  • Lost, stolen or damaged wedding attire, rings and gifts
  • Supplier failure e.g. photographer, florist, bakery, DJ
  • Wedding transportation
  • Equipment hire e.g. marquee

This is not an exhaustive list. And remember, the coverage of a basic wedding insurance policy will vary from one provider to another.
Find out what our wedding insurance covers

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4. How Much Does Wedding Insurance Cost?

It just depends on what level of cover you are wanting.  The cost will be adjusted depending on what you add / takeaway throughout the quote process. You can obtain a quote from us in about 2 minutes, “Get A Quote” here. 

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5. What Level Of Cover Is Best?

When it comes to our wedding insurance, the level of coverage depends on what your individual needs are. In general, couples will select the level of cover based on their total wedding budget, or the amount of money they could potentially lose if the wedding had to be cancelled and rescheduled at short notice.

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6. How Far In Advance Should You Purchase Your Wedding Insurance?

All of our wedding insurance policies must be purchased at least 3 months before your wedding day. That said, you should consider purchasing wedding insurance as soon as any deposit has been paid, or if a contract has been signed and you stand to lose money if you are forced to change your plans.

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7. Will Wedding Insurance Cover The Bride Or Groom Changing Their Mind?

Nope, sorry about that! This will sound obvious, but it’s ideal to be certain that you want to get married first! If the wedding is cancelled due to the bride or groom getting cold feet, then you definitely won’t be able to recoup your losses through your wedding insurance policy.

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8. Does Your Wedding Insurance Cover The Honeymoon?

No it’s not.  Wedding Insurance provides protection for your wedding day and the essential services associated around it.  If you are looking to protect your honeymoon, then you should look to purchase a travel insurance policy.

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9 . What Happens If Your Wedding Is Cancelled?

In the unfortunate event that a wedding is cancelled, it will be covered only if the cancellation is due to the specified events defined within the policy e.g. adverse weather conditions. Cancellations caused by events outside of the policy will not be covered e.g. either party changing their mind and deciding they don’t want to get married after all.

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10. How Do You Make A Claim?

Making a claim is very straightforward. Please visit our “How To Claim” page for full details.