Product Design & Distribution



Niche Insurance Pty Ltd is committed to providing quality insurance products with real value that meet the needs of our customers. We will take a customer focused approach when designing and distributing our products.

Wedding Insurance - Full Heart


Niche Insurance has created processes and procedures to ensure the needs of the customer are considered before the relevant products are released to the market. Our product design and distribution process maintains controls which are appropriate to ensure that each product undergoes a review, approval and governance process.

Our staff are trained on the product design and distribution process and appropriate controls have been implemented to obtain final approval for our products subject to the product design and distribution process.

Our products are distributed online and through our call centre.  Training and support for call centre staff is provided so that they are familiar with the Target Market Determinations and the type of customers our products would be suitable for.  Our products will be monitored to ensure they meet the needs of our customers.

Wedding Insurance - Full Heart


Effective 1st March 2023, a Target Market Determination (TND) will be prepared for our Wedding Insurance product. This will enable our customers to understand the products we are offering and if these suit their needs.

Each TMD will describe the market it is appropriate for and the manner in which it will be distributed.  The TMD will outline the reporting and review process for the relevant product.