8 Top Wedding Reception Venues In Australia

8 Top Wedding Reception Venues In Australia

Couples are truly spoilt for choice when it comes to wedding reception venues in Australia. To help narrow them down, we’ve put together our top picks of venues across all the states in the country.

The top wedding reception venue in the Australian Capital Territory

The Boathouse hasn’t been named best wedding venue in the ACT for the last two years running for nothing. Situated by Lake Burley Griffin in the capital, it is surrounded by its own private parklands and boasts mesmerising views and an impressive sunset across the waters.

The Boathouse in Canberra: An Ideal Wedding Reception Venue

The Boathouse in Canberra (ACT) is a beautiful location. It has a stunning waterfront view of Lake Burley Griffin. It has panoramic views that are ideal for weddings and especially some beautiful wedding photography. The reception is touted as one of the best in Canberra, with a very warm and romantic wedding vibe / atmosphere.

Why choose the Boathouse in Canberra?

  • Beautiful indoor spaces; large windows, scenic lake side views and warm decor.
  • Top quality catering for your wedding; a wide variety of menu options to suit nearly everyone incl. dietary requirements.
  • Event coordinators for your wedding; your wedding reception will be expertly managed by experienced wedding coordinators.
  • Location is very convenient; accessible for guests, close to city centre and plenty of accommodation.

These features are what draws peoples to The Boathouse Restaurant in Canberra as a top choice for weddings. If you’re considering booking this warm and inviting wedding venue, it is recommended you visit the venue and speak to the venue coordinators to get a truly personalised view of what your wedding day could look like.

New South Wales is a classic spot for your wedding reception for a reason

If you’re planning on getting hitched in the state of New South Wales then Sydney has an abundance of worthy venues (check out our 8 Top Sydney Wedding Venues for Every Occasion post for some fabulous ideas). Who said you need to go to England to get married in an old castle? For those who dream of getting wedded in an historical venue full of magical grandeur, look no further than to Curzon Hall, Sydney’s very own heritage castle. Built in the late 19th century, the venue boasts of a range of opulent ballrooms with parquet flooring polished to perfection, grand, sweeping staircases, wrap around terraces with garden views and dazzling chandeliers.

Curzon Hall: A Historic Castle Venue in Sydney, NSW

Curzon Hall in Sydney, NSW is a historic castle with very warm and inviting ambiance. Grand architectural design, which simply make for an amazing wedding reception venue. The venue is heritage listed and has gardens to die for. The interiors are fascinating, intricate and perfect for a unique wedding experience.

Why choose Curzon Hall castle?

  • Indoor and outdoor spaces like no other; opulent ballrooms, landscaped gardens, eerily beautiful scenery that will be simply stunning for guests and bridal party alike.
  • Beautiful tasting wedding food; gourmet menu, filled with options, catering to diverse tastes and dietary needs, Curzon Hall is regarded as a very tasty venue food wise.
  • Historic charm and warmth; the castle has a history. The architecture screams class. The elegance and charm is simply amazing for a wedding day.
  • Located in Sydney; easy to get to, lots of parking, guests will love the ease of this venue.
  • Expert event management; the venue provides a thorough service for event coordination.

If you’re looking for a wedding venue that is very unique; you can’t go past a wedding Castle in Sydney! There is something absolutely stunning about photos of an event at Curzon Hall.

The Northern Territory is still a hidden treasure for a destination wedding

For those who want to celebrate with just a (very) small group of close friends and family, then may we suggest hitting the outback and venturing to Longitude 131. Commanding views of the iconic Ayers Rock and the surrounding World Heritage listed wilderness of Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, it will be a place you and your guests will remember vividly for years to come.

Longitude 131: A Luxury Desert Retreat in the Northern Territory

The desert is surreal at the best of times. Alarmingly quiet, peaceful, red and 100% Australian. Longitude 131 in NT is touted as a luxurious wedding reception destination with views of Uluru. It’s unique location, backdrop and unequivocal Australian vibe makes it a fabulous wedding venue.

What makes Longitude 131 special?

  • Wedding reception with views of Uluru; unobstructed views of Uluru is simply astounding. The desert landscape is so unique. I bet you’ve never been to a desert wedding before?
  • Gourmet dining under the Southern Cross; shooting stars, clear sky’s and fine gourmet dining at your wedding in the Australian outback.
  • Accommodation on-site; you and your guests can stay on-site at Longitude 131. Very elegant rooms blending comfort, style and modern Australian chic.

This sought after venue is fast becoming a popular wedding destination for couples looking to create a very unique wedding experience. Imagine saying ‘I do’ at Uluru. In fact, you could even write that on your invites!

Queensland boasts some of the best wedding reception venues in the world

For a more cosmopolitan reception venue, look no further than to the luxuriously decadent, Palazzo Versace situated on the Gold Coast. The exquisite hotel houses a collection of private, grand and intimate wedding venues so if it’s a fairytale wedding you’re after, you won’t be disappointed.

Palazzo Versace: A Luxurious Waterfront Venue in Queensland

The Palazzo Versace in Queensland is over the top (in the best of ways) for a wedding location. It offers glamours wedding reception options that are fit for a king and queen. This five star hotel venue is elegant, prioritises service and is for couples looking for a luxury wedding reception venue.

What is good about the Palazzo Versace?

  • Luxury fit-out and venue; opulent design and aesthetics that are very high end fashion. A great venue for those wanting their big day to be glamourous.
  • Beautiful on-site accommodation with pools; renowned for it’s beautiful hotel rooms and pools, this wedding venue will give your guests a taste of luxury over the course of your wedding.
  • Situated on the Gold Coast in Surfers Paradise; a great location, lots to do, and lots of places to see and visit between the wedding festivities.

Palazzo Versace is luxury on the Gold Coast. Palazzo Versace is a luxury wedding venue designed for couples looking to make their big day something to remember. It is suggested to book well in advance as this wedding reception venue on the Gold Coast is increasingly becoming a hit amongst many interstate travellers.

South Australia offers an amazing experience for your wedding reception

For the ultimate secluded wedding experience with uninterrupted, panoramic views of the Southern Ocean, the Southern Ocean Lodge perched on the rugged cliffs of Kangaroo Island is our first choice for an intimate wedding reception. It’s truly a unique destination and ‘a sanctuary of refined comfort and luxe’.

Southern Ocean Lodge: A Secluded Coastal Retreat in South Australia

South Ocean Lodge in South Australia has incredible views, incredible accommodation and is renowned for making beautiful South Australian weddings. The setting is intimate, warm and has a very chilled vibe. Nestled on Kangaroo Island, it is touted as somewhat of an eco-luxe lodge and wedding venue for those slightly environmentally conscious.

What makes Southern Ocean Lodge special as a wedding venue?

  • Coastal views of South Australia; Kangaroo Island at its best.
  • Uniquely South Australian gourmet cuisine; bringing together the regions finest gourmet food and wedding menu items.
  • Eco-luxe accommodation on Kangaroo Island; secluded, tranquil and eco-luxe. What a way to get married.

Natural beauty, luxury and personalised service that can only be found in South Australia. That is what the Southern Ocean Lodge is known for. South Australia is a beautifully untouched part of Australia and can make for a truly beautiful wedding reception location.

Tasmania remains pristine and pure, a perfect combination for your wedding reception venue

Josef Chromy Wines in Launceston offers stunning views overlooking the lake and vineyard. With floor to ceiling windows, the venue can hold up to 150 guests for a formal reception or 300 guests for a more casual, stand-up do.

Josef Chromy Wines: A Picturesque Vineyard Venue in Launceston, Tasmania

Josef Chromy Wines in Launceston, Tasmania, is renowned for its charming vineyard setting and exceptional wines, offering a beautiful and romantic backdrop for wedding receptions. Nestled in the lush Tamar Valley, this venue combines natural beauty with fine dining and award-winning wines, making it a perfect choice for a memorable celebration.

What makes Josef Chromy Wines fabulous?

  • Get married in a vineyard; picturesque vineyards and manicured gardens in the heart of wine region.
  • Gourmet catering for your wedding in Tasmania’s wine region; local produce expertly paired with Josef Chromy’s award-winning wines.
  • Convenient Location: Located in the heart of the Tamar Valley, easily accessible from Launceston, with ample accommodation options nearby.

Josef Chromy Wines’ combination of scenic beauty, exceptional food and wine, and dedicated service makes it a top choice for couples looking to celebrate their special day in a picturesque vineyard setting.

Victoria is the culture capital of Australia and perfect for a close to home wedding reception venue

Wouldn’t it be much easier and less stressful if you could have your ceremony and reception in the same vicinity? Who has time to worry about guests getting lost or arriving late. Absolutely no one. For those looking to celebrate their nuptials in the state of Victoria, then Stones of the Yarra Valley is a venue of utmost perfection. Not only does it have its own chapel, built with soaring ceilings and fitted with traditional stained glass windows, it has a choice of reception settings (The Barn or The Stables plus The Dairy for serving up canapes in between) depending on the wedding size as well as boutique accommodation for your guests.

Stones of the Yarra Valley: A Stunning Vineyard Venue in Victoria

Stones of the Yarra Valley in Victoria is renowned for its breathtaking vineyard views. The location has historic charm and is a great wedding reception venue in Victoria. Positioned uniquely in the heart of Victoria’s Yarra Valley, the venue is rustic, unique, warm and charming.

What makes Stones of the Yarra Valley unique?

  • Beautiful views of the vineyards; a unique way to get married, filled with rustic charm and beauty for your wedding day.
  • A menu that you’d expect from a vineyard; beautiful gourmet food options with locally sourced ingredients and creative flare, matched with perfect wines.
  • Historic and Elegant Atmosphere: The blend of rustic stone buildings and elegant décor adds a unique and inviting ambiance to your celebration.

Stones of Yarra Valley is simply a fabulous choice for a Yarra Valley wedding venue. Personalised service, friendly staff and breath taking scenery will makes your wedding day amazing.

Western Australia has it all to provide variety for your wedding reception

For a waterfront venue overlooking the city, then the Nedlands Yacht Club is a fine candidate. Located a mere 5 minutes from the city centre, this venue has spectacular views of the Swan River and Perth CBD. You also have the flexibility to arrange for your own caterers and decorate it the way you had always envisioned for your special day.

Nedlands Yacht Club: The Perfect Waterfront Wedding Reception Venue in Western Australia

Nedlands Yacht Club is positioned on the banks of the Swan River in Western Australia. It is an iconic wedding reception venue on the water. Stunning views, A+ facilities make it the perfect choice for a wedding venue in Western Australia.

What makes Nedlands Yacht Club different?

  • Nestled on the banks of the Swan River; panoramic views of the river make for beautiful wedding day photography and guests memories.
  • The event spaces are versatile; you can work with the venue to adapt the space to your needs.
  • Convenient Location: Located just minutes from Perth’s city centre, with ample parking and nearby accommodation options, making it easy for your guests to attend and enjoy your celebration.

Nedlands Yacht Club is simply the perfect wedding venue for those wishing to get married in Western Australia by the river.

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