A wedding day is often seen as one of the most important day in a person’s life not to mention one of the most expensive; with the average Australian wedding amounting up to anywhere between $36,000- $65,000, up there with buying a home and a car. With many brides dreaming of their ‘big day’ since they were little girls, down to every last detail, from their wedding dress to table favours and centrepieces, it’s understandably a highly emotive occasion with often countless hours invested into the planning and preparation of the special event.

Wedding insurance is possibly something that many would not have even heard of until it comes to planning for their own but it’s the one thing that could potentially save you thousands of dollars should anything go wrong. With so many components outside of your control e.g. venue, caterers, florist, dress, band etc, things could quite easily not go according to plan. Imagine the venue being cancelled due to flooding or your caterer abandon their duties due to staff sickness, or even losing a hefty deposit due to accidental damage to hired equipment or property. Sometimes a wedding will need to be re-arranged or postponed due to unforeseen circumstances such as the bride or groom falling ill. Such events, unfortunately, do happen each year leaving many disappointed and often out of pocket after losing out on their payments and deposits. Read about the most common wedding mishaps here

Like with holidays, cars and your home, wedding insurance is there to protect your big investment and can help you recoup payments and deposits if things go wrong thus giving you peace of mind (and one less thing for you to worry about when planning for your special day). While it may be tempting to skip, especially as wedding costs can very easily escalate beyond the planned budget, can you afford to risk going without it when there are so many elements that could potentially go wrong? Unless you can afford to lose your deposit or fork out even more money if things go awry, wedding insurance is the sensible option and should be planned into your wedding budget. Whatever wedding insurance provider you choose to go with, do your homework and make sure you are clear on what the policy does and does not cover. Each policy is different and every policy carries a different price tag.