What Our Customers Say

  • Brilliant
    I'm so impressed with the customer service, and I'd recommend them to anyone! Postponing the wedding date was stressful enough!
  • Answered all my questions
    The guys at WeddingInsurance.com.au have answered all my questions.
  • Awesome!
    Great product, hoping everything goes smoothly though.
  • Peace of mind, thanks!
    I didn't know this kind of insurance existed until it was recommended. I didn't have to make a claim (thankfully) but it certainly gave me peace of mind.
  • Bonza
    Friendly staff with great knowledge of products and the industry. Quick and seamless process. If they planned weddings I would probabaly get them to do that too!
  • Amazing Service
    I wasn't sure which level to choose so I reached out via the online chat and had a pleasant exchange with your staff. We went for a Ruby Policy but we may upgrade as we spend more on the wedding.
  • Tip Top!
    Wedding Insurance team were very informative, prompt communicators and life savers! Thankfully everything went to plan and no claims were required but I'm sure the team would have dealt with any...