Cancellation Or Postponement

Wedding Insurance - Cancellation Or Postponement

We Will Cover

We will cover you up to the amount shown in the cover summary on the plan you have chosen (Ruby, Emerald, Diamond). You are covered for any non-refundable expenses you incur, or for which you are liable, for the services of any Wedding Supplier not used as a direct result of the reasonable, necessary and unavoidable cancellation or postponement by you or the wedding event caused by any of the following reasons:

1. The booked venue for the Wedding Event being unable to hold Your Wedding Event due to:

(i) ceasing to trade due to financial failure, bankruptcy, liquidation or administration.

(ii) sudden and severe physical damage to the booked venue which renders it unsafe to use, caused by fire, adverse weather or natural catastrophe.

(iii) murder or suicide at the booked venue within forty-eight (48) hours prior to the wedding date.

(iv) closure of the booked venue by a relevant authority except where the closure arises from a government act, regulation or change of law which is     enforced nationally or regionally.

(v) an act of terrorism at the venue.

2. The total non-appearance of any booked and paid for professional wedding services or wedding Supplier, which would make having, or continuing with the ceremony or reception impossible.

3. Injury or sickness which results in you or an immediate family member being unable to attend the wedding event due to their treating medical practitioner advising them not to attend the wedding event

4. the death of you or an immediate family member prior to the wedding date which would make having or continuing with the wedding event impossible or inappropriate.

5. Your unforeseen posting as a serving member of the Australian armed forces for unavoidable and necessary duty.

6. Your inability or that of your parents or step-parents (including guardians or foster parents) and the attendants of at least fifty percent (50%) of the guests to reach the booked venue due to adverse weather conditions or natural catastrophe.

7. Your redundancy, or that of any of your close relatives, who have, or would have made proven, significant, financial contributions on which the wedding arrangements depend, where notice is received at least 8 weeks after the date of purchase of this insurance and which qualifies for payment under redundancy legislation and where there is a clear intention to rearrange the wedding event.

8. An outbreak of an infectious disease at the booked venue, provided that:

(i) the outbreak is not a pandemic, epidemic or of a listed human disease specified under the Biosecurity Act 2015 (Cth), any subsequent amendments(s) thereto or similar, equivalent or replacement legislation; and

(ii) the closure of the venue is for the purposes of adhering to governmental public health, hygiene and safety guidelines and standards.

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We Will Not Cover

We will not pay for any claims directly or indirectly arising out of, contributed to be, or resulting from:

  1. Cancellation or postponement following a voluntary decision by you not to proceed with or take part in the wedding event, including, without limitation, such voluntary decision resulting from a change of heart or disinclination to marry.
  2. Prohibition of the wedding event by local government regulation or act of parliament in existence as of the date of issue as shown in the schedule except where covered under section 1 clause 1(a) or (b).
  3. Your failure to provide timely notice to a contracted wedding supplier in order to diminish or avoid a loss after it was necessary to cancel or postpone the wedding event.
  4. Adverse weather or natural catastrophe where there were warnings of adverse weather or natural catastrophe in the public domain at the time of purchasing this policy.
  5. Unemployment or any wedding plans not honoured by your employer except where covered under section 1 clause 5.
  6. Your financial circumstances.
  7. Additional costs of which we have not been notified and agreed to in writing in advance of the rearranged wedding event. Our agreement will not be unreasonably withheld.
  8. Any work being carried out by builders or other contractors which renders the venue or its facilities unusable in whole or in part, unless such work is unknown to you at the inception of this policy or at the time of making the booking, whichever is the later, and a reasonable person in your position would not have expected the work to cause the venue or its facilities to be unusable on the wedding date.